Where Do I Begin?

Go to the Grocery Section to learn how you can save 35% - 75% every week on your grocery bill... while shopping at your same store, buying your same products. The only difference... pay a whole lot less! Learn how to "Stack" with our "Grocery Stacking System" eBook and save 75% or more!

Visit the Dining Section to see how you can dine out at thousands of restaurants nationwide for 60% - 80% less... every time you eat out!  Simply enter your zip code to find restaurants in your area.

How do I know my grocery store participates?
139,000 grocery stores nationwide participate including all the major discount stores and pharmacies!

What about the dining?  How often can I use it?
You can use the dining as often as you eat out!  With brand name franchises plus over 18,000 restaurants nationwide it's hard not to!  The certificates are also great gifts for your friends and family!

How often are the circulars updated?
The circulars are updated on a weekly basis.

My dog ate my password... how do I get it back
When you sign in there is a button for forgotten password.. click on it and follow the instructions to retrieve your password.

I need to change my account information... do I call you?
No.  Click on "My Account" and edit any information necessary.

I can't see the ebooks... 
Our savings ebooks require Adobe reader.  Please click here for your FREE copy

I Have Additional Questions?

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